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available in English and in French


Skills you will improve with CALCULOS © :

# cognitive development 

# pattern recognition

# mental calculus 

  • 20 different levels to follow your progression !

  • no maximum players 

  • good for all ages.


CALCULOS came from a logic adaptation of a famous mathematical riddle, originally created by reverend Thomas Penyngton Kirkman in 1850 in Britain. His riddle is called "Kirkman's schoolgirl problem" : “Fifteen young ladies in a school walk out three abreast for seven days in succession: it is required to arrange them daily, so that no two shall walk twice abreast.” This innocent riddle gave birth to the first matching card game in 1976 with the "game of insects" created by Jacques Cottereau and several years later a famous card game named "Dobble" launched in 2009 and adapted in the US as "Spot it".

Enjoyed this little travel in time ? Read more about math riddles and fun card games in  Mrs. McRobbie's article from the Smithsonian managazine in 2018 : click here.

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