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available in English and in French

Skills you will improve with STRATEGIOUS © :

# talent management 

# negociation

# entrepreneurship

                 Diana, Human Resources Manager :


I think it is a great game, I felt like it is visual and interesting how in a certain context we can use it for real life even, (looks like in the movies when the Kings  plan the war or a territory to occupy on the maps etc). I really liked that there are different contexts and that it is possible to develop different strategies to win. It also enhance the fact that training and skills are important and I think it delivers a great message to whoever is playing it. :) 

  • Up to 4 players.

  • No randomisation - purely strategic

  • short game (1 hour) or extended game (1 h 30 min).

  • 3 ways to win the game !


Using simple game mechanics, STRATEGIOUS is a perfect game for all ages but can also be personalised with several options to add to make it even more realistic, just as if you really were an entrepreneur leading your team to success !

It can be easily integrated into a professional development workshop at a management level to practice and reflect on your entrepreneurial decisions based on your environment (other players), on your team, and on your goal.

To order, please send an email to (or click below) specifying your shipping address and how many games you would like to have !

70 swiss franc per game + shipping fees.

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